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  • Trübkopf
  • Volan
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About us

Rift: Planes of Telara

Rift is a Massivley Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, developed by the US company - Trion Worlds. The game was been launched in March, 2011.

The action in Rift takes place in a fantasy world - Telara inhabited by various beings. Different other worlds / dimensions break into Telara and represent a threat and a source of instability in Telara because of the actions of Regulos - the Dragon of Extinction.

Races in Rift
At the beginning of your Rift journey you are offered to choose from the 6 races existing in Rift: Planes of Telara - Mathosian, High Elves, Dwarves and Kelari, Eth, Bahmi.
"And" because these races make part of 2 major factions - the Guardian and the Defiant.

Factions in Rift
The Guardian are those who follow Vigil, the ancient Gods of Telara. The races of high elves, Mathosians (a race of humans), and dwarves make up the Guardian faction.

The Defiant (Kelari, Eth (a race of humans), Bahmi) are those who believe technology is the best method to fight Regulos, not the Vigil.

Classes in Rift
After you've decided on the faction and race of your Rift character, you have to choose from the available callings, as well - Warrior, Cleric, Rogue, or Mage. A calling has 9 souls (including the PvP soul) which are available to your Rift character. Any race can choose any class.

The soul system in Rift
This is a truly unique feature of Rift: Planes of Telara. The soul system enables players to customize their characters in very unique ways and make them very flexible and multipurpose.
Players choose 3 souls from those available for the selected calling and develop the talent trees of the souls. The souls give different bonuses to the characters' capabilities - damage dealing, defensive, healing, etc. - allowing existence of a large variety of characters balanced in different ways.

Also, the players are given the possibility to have up to 5 different soul configurations - "roles" - which can be activated when necessary! Imagine, you have a damage dealer, a healer and a tank and can use any depending on a particular situation - a really nice feature.

Rifts are points in which different dimensions intersect causing elemental instability. Through rifts into to the world of Telara come various hostile creatures whom players' characters will have to meet and from whom they will defend their world.

PvE and PvP
In Rift you can do both. The game includes both interesting and captivating PvE content, a nice and well-though story, as well as good PvP opportunities, special PvP areas (and servers) and a very dynamic PvP gameplay.

This part is also what the developers may be proud of. The graphics and the atmosphere in Rift is beautiful. The very first dungeon you enter is impressively well depicted, and the idea to reflect the seasons change is just great.

Rift Platinum

Rift Platinum is the in-game currency of Rift. The basis of the economy, what any Rift items are exchanged for and acquired for, what makes possible purchasing better equipment for the character, training a certain profession and is generally necessary for having fun.

There is a plenty of ways to make Rift Plat - gathering (collection resources), running quests and getting rewarded, looting the drop from monsters in raids and Rifts, trade. These are classical ways of making some in-game money, and are of course applicable to Rift as well. And all of them have the classical trait specific to the money-making process in any game - they are time-consuming and, though may capture one's attention for some time, tend to become boring and of little interest soon.

So if you are the type of a player who prefers to take the best from game Rift: Planes of Telara quickly, if you have a passion for Rift and not for collecting resources, then our website is for you. Because we offer cheap boost for your progress for sale - Rift Platinum.

We are an online shop fully dedicated to the wonderful and newest MMORPG - Rift: Planes of Telara. On our website you can buy rift platinum and Rift powerleveling - they are the 2 major products we offer.

Platinum. Why buy Rift Platinum?

The reasons are quite simple - if you buy Rift Plat, you:
a) don't have to waste your time on farming
b) can do only what is really fun to you
c) have instant access to various items your Rift character needs
Shortly, you do what's fun and skip what's boring.

Power leveling

Power leveling means that our specialists train your character, they do quests, instances, etc. thus your character gains experience and becomes a higher level.

Why buy Rift powerleveling?
Because it is a safe, secure and guaranteed way to easily and effortlessly - as you do not have to dedicate your own time, minds, hands, electricity =) - get a Rift character that has all the skills and levels you always wanted him / her to have. Which means you can move on to the most pleasant part as just like with having Rift Platinum you skip the monotonous part of the game.


The team behind has been in the MMORPG business for more than 3 years serving various games, and now focusing on Rift: Planes of Telara.

We at Riftomania strive to:
- always keep the delivery time minimal; we make all possible to deliver your orders in no longer then 48 hours;
- use only safest delivery methods;
- take all necessary safety measures during power leveling process;
- provide you with unparalleled and unmatched top level service;
- offer best prices;
- offer various pleasant discounts, coupons and promotions.

Thanks to our vast experience we know that all the things above are very important to build and maintain good relationships with our customers, and the gained knowledge and practice allows doing so.

We welcome you on our website. We hope you will enjoy using our services and your favorite game Rift: Planes of Telara as well.

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